4 Reasons You Will Need Your Marriage Certificate

21 Jun, 2015

4 Reasons You'll Need Your Marriage Certificate

A marriage certificate is not just the proof of your union with your partner, it is also a very important legal document.

You will be issued a copy of your certificate when you register with a registrar. However, if you lose or need further copies of your marriage certificate, Simply Certificate can get them for you quickly.

1. Are you travelling or moving abroad?

Your marriage certificate and license are often essential documents in visa application. If you are travelling or moving to another country, perhaps your spouse's country of residence, you will need to provide proof of your marriage.

You may also need your marriage certificate in order to change your name on your passport from your maiden name to your married name.

2. Changing your name on important documents.

You can change your name after marriage via deed poll if you wish to take your partners name. This will require you to provide details of your name change and your marriage certificate will help with this.

Following from that you may wish to update numerous other documents in your name. For example: your driving license, household bills, bank card and account name.

3. Are you tracing your genealogy?

The marriage certificates of your ancestors can prove vitally important in the pursuit of a family tree.

Lots of people have the same name surnames, especially when you go further back to times when people moved around the world a lot less. Birth, marriage and death certificates prove that you are looking at the right people when searching for your family history.

4. Are you applying for a divorce?

As stated on the UK government's website 'You can get a divorce if you have been married at least a year and your relationship has permanently broken down. You must have a marriage that is legally recognised in the UK, and have a permanent home in England or Wales'.

In order to apply for divorce you will need to prove your marriage's legality and you can easily do this by providing a valid copy of your marriage certificate.

Its simply to get a new copy of your marriage certificate

There are a couple of ways to replace your, or your relative's, marriage certificate.

While you can do this through government channels, it will require to fill in some forms and wait for longer than you may want for it to be sent over. This is because the government will have to search for your entry number to match your name

If you need the document quickly or a looking for multiple certificates at once then Simply Certificate can help. We get your documents faster by tracing your name and a few other details you provide us with such as place of birth and parent's names using our access to a genealogical database.

This means you can a copy of a birth, death or marriage certificate within two days, if you need it in a rush, or within a week if you not as in need.