What Documents Do I Need For My Wedding?

15 April, 2015

What Documents Do I Need For My Wedding?

It's coming up to your very special day. You've planned the dress, the flower arrangements and the reception, it's all coming together. But in order for your wedding day to go ahead without a hitch there's also the paperwork that goes alongside.

It may not be as exciting as picking out the bridesmaid's outfits but it is essential. Here are the documents you need for your wedding and the documents you'll receive after the big day.

What to take to the registrar

In order to get married, you will need to visit a registrar - an official record keeping for the government.

According to the UK government's specifications you will need to take at least three documents with you to the registry office, counting a minimum of two forms of identification.

Acceptable forms of ID include:

  • passport,
  • driving licence,
  • national identity card,
  • immigration status document or
  • birth certificate.

If you need a replacement birth certificate at short notice, as it is one of your chosen forms of identification, Simply Certificate can provide you with yours within two days.

As well as identification you will proof of address. This is easily done with a house bill that has your name listed, such as a gas, water, electricity or council tax bill. If you are not listed on your home bills then you may use a paper bank statement.

Whether you use a bill or a statement you must make sure that they were issued within the last three months.

If you are divorced or a widow/widower you will need extra documents

You may need extra documentation depending on your circumstances.

For example if you have been previously married and are now divorced then you will need a decree absolute or final order. If you were previously married abroad you may have to contact the registrar you used there to confirm your divorce has been finalised. You won't be able to get married without this being done.

If you have been widowed you will need a copy of the deceased's death certificate. Should you not have a copy of the death certificate, a replacement can easily be issued to you.

You may also need other documents if you were born after 1983 and do not have a valid UK passport so double check with the register office if that's the case.

What to do with your wedding certificate

After your wedding has taken place you will receive your wedding certificate.

This is an important document as it entitles you to be able to change your surname, via deed poll, to your partners should you wish and can be important in terms of proving your marriage for tax or legal reasons.

But never fear, should anything happen to your wedding certificate, whether it be damaged or lost, we can replace it for you with ease.

Simply provide us with your personal details such as your name and place of birth and we can have a replacement copy of your wedding certificate with you as quickly as possible!