What Do I Need A Birth Certificate For?

28th January, 2015

What Do I Need A Birth Certificate For?

Birth certificates are a very handy document in terms of identification and applying for other legal documents. Make sure you register your child's birth so that they have their birth certificate. If your own birth certificate has become lost or damaged there is no need to worry. To replace it is perfectly simple as explained later on.

But first, here are but a few of the things you need a birth certificate for.

Are you getting married?

For all marriages the registrar has to see certain documentation that prove your age, identity and nationality. For this they require you to present both your birth certificate and your passport.

Do you want to trace your family tree?

You may not need your own birth certificate but the birth certificates of other family members really help in the process of researching your family tree. These documents help to confirm the names and lineage of your ancestors which is essential to an accurate family history.

Are you ordering your first passport?

In order to apply for a first passport, for example for your child, you'll need to prove their eligibility for a passport in their country of birth. For that you need a birth certificate.

The documents you will need to provide will vary depending on your circumstances, but a birth certificate is required in most cases.

Do you need to apply for a driving license?

If you do not have a passport, a birth certificate is often an accepted form of alternative identification, such as when applying for a driving license.

How do I replace it?

There are a couple of ways to order your, or your child's, birth certificate. You can order it through the government and wait for them to process it or you can order it through a service like ours. Simply Certificate help you to get your document faster by tracing your family tree. This means you can have it within two days if you need it quickly, this is very handy if you have a last minute passport application due!