Replacing Damaged Or Lost Certificates

01 April, 2015

Replacing Damaged or Lost Certificates

We live in a country that is particularly partial to inclement weather. From storms to flooding, adverse changes in the weather can lead to the loss or destruction of personal property.

Alternatively, you might easily lose track of your important documents, misplacing it during a house move. Its all part and parcel of everyday life.

At Simply Certificate we aim to make the replacing of these legal documents as simple and quick as possible. So what can you do about it when you lose a much needed birth, marriage or death certificate? And how do you keep them safe once replaced?

What do you do when you need replacement certificates fast?

Documents such as your birth certificate are a vital part of the paper trail of our lives. We need them in order to get a passport for travel, get married or civil partnered and to try track down our ancestry or long lost family members.

But what happens when you realise your much needed certificate is gone? Say, for example, you go to find your birth certificate because you're going to get married.

You will need your birth certificate as soon as possible because it's one of the government approved proof of identity documents needed to register your marriage. You're full of excitement but when you rummage through your old files you find that your important documents are full of water damage and rendered unusable.

While this is an inconvenience, it shouldn't be a cause for too much alarm. Through Simply Certificate you can track down a replacement birth certificate quickly and easily.

By sharing a few personal details with our team, confidentially, we will be able to get your replacement certificate within 24hrs to a couple of days depending on your requirements.

Keep important documents secure in a safe or fireproof case

Preventing the loss of your key documents should be of high importance. No-one wants to have to go through the process of replacing them when you can easily keep them secure.

If you are prone to misplacing your documents, consider choosing one specific place in your home or office. Then get in the habit of always returning your certificates, passports, house and finance documents immediately after use.

Many cautious people will want to invest in a sealed fireproof case or a coded safe for their valuables. The expense for these items can vary widely, though there are many worthwhile fireproof cases that are affordable. Its pays to be safe rather than sorry.

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