How To Get A Death Certificate?

06 March, 2015

How to get a death certificate when your family member has passed away

A death certificate is an essential legal document in the process of settling a loved one's affairs. When a family member sadly passes away the paperwork involved is understandably not at the forefront of a person's mind. However, you will need to get a death certificate in order to move through your funeral arrangements.

To help you understand the process, consult Simply Certificate's guide to what to do in order to get a death certificate.

A GP, hospital doctor or coroner will medically register a person's death

You will need to obtain a medical certificate of the person's death before you can get their death certificate. This can come from a GP or hospital doctor and is also needed in order to register the death.

However, if the death has been reported to a coroner, then you will have to wait until they have given permission before you can register the death. This will not often be the case but situationally it is useful to be aware of this difference.

Registration of the passing must be within five days; unless you are in Scotland in which case it is 8 days.

Register a death with the government to receive a death certificate

You can easily register the death online on your government's website. Following this they will send you the documentation you need, including the death certificate, for organising the funeral.

According to the government site on death and bereavement 'you don't need to deal with the will, money and property straight away'. Allow yourself time to grieve before dealing with any complicated legalities.

How to replace a misplaced or damaged death certificate

Should you lose or damage a death certificate; or any other life certificates such as birth or marriage, there are a couple of ways to get a replacement.

At Simply Certificate, we can help you to get your documents faster by using only a few key details that you provide us with, for example place of birth and parent's names. This means we can have the document with you within two days if needed, or longer if not.

Alternatively, you can order your death certificate through the government by filling out a form - though this will typically take more time.

Getting a death certificate quickly may be important to you if you have religious requirements or situational limitations on time.

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