Death Certificates: A Practical Guide

01 May, 2015

Death Certificates: A Practical Guide

A death certificate is an essential document needed in the settling of a deceased person's affairs. Beyond the legal implications of it as an official document there are other reasons a death certificate will be needed.

Here's a breakdown of what you may need a copy of a death certificate for and how you can replace it should it get lost.

Do you need to claim a form of insurance?

For any insurance claims relating to an individual's death the company will require proof of the person's death. This will come in the form of a death certificate as it provides the insurance company of the details surrounding somebody's death so that they can confirm that everything complies with their policy.

Are you organising the deceased's tax or benefits with the government?

This is another instance in which proof of death is needed in the form of a death certificate. This is important when settling somebody's affairs or when checking if any benefits you received will be directly affected by the individuals passing. For example, pensions.

For more information consult the government site on tax and benefits after a death.

Death certificates help you trace your family tree

In order to flesh out the information in a family history you may need some death certificates.

Both dates and information about the deceased, such as where they lived at the time of death and what profession they had had, will be key in piecing together a family tree.

Getting a (replacement) copy of a death certificate it simple

When a family member passes away, it can be a very stressful or emotionally draining time. It is to be expected that after the funeral has been organised a document like a death certificate can easily be misplaced.

Note that you can only get a replacement from the September of the year after the death was registered.

To get the certificate, you can either order it through the government and wait for them to process it, which can take some time, or with Simply Certificate.

We help you to get your document faster by tracing your family tree. If you provide us with the name of the deceased and a few extra details to confirm we have the correct person using public files that are only accessible with membership that we have.

This means you can have it within two days. This is extra useful if time is an issue and you have only just realised you do not have a copy of an important certificate.