Birth Of Princess Charlotte Is Registered: How To Register A Birth In The Uk

7 Aug, 2015

Princess Charlotte's birth is registered: How to register a birth in the UK

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's second child, Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, has her birth officially registered on 5th May 2015. Kensington Palace tweeted a picture of her birth certificate in celebration.

Like any child born in the UK, Princess Charlotte's birth needed to be admitted to the public records within 42 days of her birth. Babies are registered for numerous reasons, including historical and personal reasons, but most importantly this will be the first official record of her existence to the UK government.

birth certificate of princess charlotte

How do you register a birth in the UK?

To register a birth in the UK, the child's parents or guardians need to fill in a form with the local council registrar - the one nearest to the birthplace of the child.

Both parents fill in details to register the child that then appear on the birth certificate. These details include: addresses, occupation and full names of both parents. However, if both parents cannot be there, one parent can register their child's birth using a kind of proxy form for the other parent. This is signed by the non-attending parent and ensures their name also appears on the birth certificate.

What if you lose the birth certificate?

Birth certificates can sometimes be lost, damaged or destroyed. As a result, you will likely need to obtain a replacement - birth certificates are needed to register a child for school and to get them their first passport.

You can only order a new birth certificate from the September after the child's birth is registered. This is to allow time for official records to be updated and recorded.