Birth Certificate Replacement

01 Feb, 2016

Birth Certificate Replacement

Birth certificates give people the right to a lawfully registered identity through family ties, nationality and name. Without a birth certificate, you’re an invisible human being and you’re likely to have some problems when you’re applying for a passport, receiving healthcare or sorting out important matters.

Birth certificates are described as an official document that registers the birth of a new baby girl or boy. The gender and name of the baby as well as the date and location of birth should be included in the certificate. The father’s name, surname and occupation are also included. The mother provides her name, surname and maiden surname. The certificate also includes the residence, signature and residence of the informant. Each birth certificate has an application number and is dated when being submitted to the General Register Office.

There are stories of people who end up throwing away reams of paper that sometimes include official certificates which have been tucked away in some corner and forgotten for years. Important documents can be misplaced or lost in fires or other accidents. People sometimes need a replacement birth certificate when getting a passport, applying for a driver’s license or applying to a university. Sometimes, they just need a replacement birth certificate because the original has been destroyed or lost. How can get you get a replacement birth certificate?

The church maintained the register of births until the nineteenth century. From 1853 onwards, birth registration with governmental organizations became mandatory. You need to request a replacement birth certificate from a government agency if you need one. The government agency can give you an original representation or a certificate copy of your birth record. This is enough to apply for important documents like passports when you have to travel to another country. A replacement birth certificate is often requested for some job applications.

Now, you can also get a replacement birth certificate online. Since 2001, it has been possible for people to get a birth certificate from registry offices online or you can use one of the professional services and order your birth certificate from Simply Certificate. The process is easy, fast and can be completed from the comfort of your home. You’ll need to know the following information if you want to get a replacement birth certificate. For all births, you need to provide your birth date or at least the year, your surname and forename at birth and your place of birth.

For births registered in the last fifty years, your full birth date is required. The surnames and forenames of your father and mother at the time of your birth are required as well. Your mother’s maiden surname is also required. If you have all of these pieces of information, you can get a copy of your birth certificate. Personal information such as your contact number, name and address will also be requested to prevent fraud.

While birth certifications in the United Kingdom cannot be used as identification, they can still be useful for genealogy purposes. Some people trace back their family roots as a hobby and getting replacement birth certificates can help them find the information they need.