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Birth Certificate Replacement

01 Feb, 2016

Birth certificates give people the right to a lawfully registered identity through family ties, nationality and name. Without a birth certificate ...

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Three Parent Birth Certificates: What Are They?

22 Aug, 2015

Three parent birth certificates are not a common occurrence and they are not often needed. But with the changing world meaning that families are different to how they used to be, some countries are discussing or even issuing, three parent ...

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What Is A Long Form Birth Certificate?

18 Jul, 2015

There are two versions of your birth certificate available in Britain, a long and short form. A birth certificate works as evidence of a person's name, date and place of birth. This type of documentation is required as personal identification ...

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Birth Certificates: How It Works With Surrogacy

06 Jun, 2015

Last year over 150 babies were born in the United Kingdom to surrogate parents. A surrogacy agreement implies that a woman will carry a couple's baby, as they are unable to carry a child themselves, but then have no legal role in the child's ...

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Death Certificates: A Practical Guide

01 May, 2015

A death certificate is an essential document needed in the settling of a deceased person’s affairs. Beyond the legal implications of it as an official document there are other reasons a death certificate will be needed. ...

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What Documents Do I Need For My Wedding?

15 April, 2015

It's coming up to your very special day. You've planned the dress, the flower arrangements and the reception, it's all coming together. But in order for your wedding day to go ahead without a hitch there's also the paperwork that goes alongside. ...

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Replacing Damaged Or Lost Certificates

01 April, 2015

We live in a country that is particularly partial to inclement weather. From storms to flooding, adverse changes in the weather can lead to the loss or destruction of personal property. ...

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How To Get A Death Certificate?

06 March, 2015

A death certificate is an essential legal document in the process of settling a loved one's affairs. When a family member sadly passes away the paperwork involved is understandably not at the forefront of a person's mind. However, you will need to ...

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How Can I Trace My Family History?

10th February, 2015

You want to trace your family's history and build your family tree, but you're not sure where to start and it seems like a lot of paperwork. Here's a simplified guide on how to get ...

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What Do I Need A Birth Certificate For?

28th January, 2015

Birth certificates are a very handy document in terms of identification and applying for other legal documents. Make sure you register your child’s birth so that they have their birth certificate. If your own birth certificate has become lost or ...

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